TEKNOLINEA since its founding in 1999 has sought the improvement and technological innovation to offer these two features to its customers, through its products and services.
It is positioned in the market thanks to the local Leather-Shoes-Leather Goods industry, offering items that for their particular characteristics have generated a great acceptance in the market driving the growth of the company at a national and international level, backing in its quality, originality and competitiveness with companies from the sector.

Along with this growth, the textile industry was demanded innovation in their creations, adopting the use of distinction, functional or decorative elements, which TEKNOLINEA has been able to provide and maintain, so far. From a Jeans Button to a brighter accessory as the Rhinestone Rivet, the qualities that have made TEKNOLINEA convenient and a favorite from others offered in the market have been fulfilled.


Since 2012 TEKNOLINEA began preparing its infrastructure, systems and processes, enabling them to meet specific requirements in order to participate significantly as a supplier of the automotive and appliances industry.
A target market was set including large producers requiring the manufacturing of electro-galvanic treatment, users of precision stamped metal fittings and those who require maintenance or die of molds.

Currently, TEKNOLINEA’S processes meet international standards providing a high standard of quality products.
In the production of stamped parts we use high quality materials and according to request, stainless alloys materials are used.
Our galvanic treatment guarantees resistance, above average, against corrosion and greater deposit thickness, in compliance with the regulations specified by customers, validating them using specialized testing equipment, which we have in our laboratory.