TEKNOLINEA manufactures technical and fashion trimmings accessories; focused in providing with inputs the national and international industry. Leader in the production of metallic accessories today offers a range of high quality and fashion products proposing itself as an ideal partner to achieve the goals of its clients. Our company boasts of using excellent materials with extensive use of steel, brass, and aluminum; we also have the infrastructure and technology for the manufacture of molds
The passion for excellence, conceived as love for the beautiful, for a well done work and ethics, conceived as a construction of long-term values, distinguish us.


The quality policy of the TEKNOLINEA QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is the sum of the Mission, Vision and Values described below:


In TEKNOLINEA, die-cut and fashion items are manufactured; offering more efficient solutions at a competitive price.


TEKNOLINEA seeks to position itself as a leading company in its sector; using state-of-the-art technology, innovative materials, high-quality galvanic paints and coatings, and implement processes of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


Honesty. Act with sincerity at all times. Responsibility. Comply in time and manner assigned tasks and obligations. Commitment. Comply with the established organizational goals and objectives. Respect. Creation of a healthy work environment. Collaboration. Enhance collective talent.


TEKNOLINEA export products to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Canada, Colombia, E.U. and the U.S.A., among other countries, in addition to providing in the whole national territory.
We import from Italy fashion accessories, machinery and specific articles related to the shoe industry.